Changpeng Zhao: You might regret it if you sell your Bitcoins

Investors may regret selling Bitcoin now rather than waiting, according to Binance CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao.

In the midst of the biggest rally Bitcoin has experienced in recent years, many investors have decided to sell their BTCs and take their profits before the price drops. However, for important members of the crypto community, this could be a big mistake. Thus, investors, according to Changpeng Zhao, might regret selling their Bitcoins right now, as he commented in today’s Tweet:

Soon, you might have to have slap yourself for selling #bitcoin, ever.

(not financial advice)
– CZ Binance (@cz_binance) November 18, 2020

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Changpeng Zhao’s warning

Finally, after three years, Bitcoin seems to be regaining the upward momentum it had in 2017, when its price was close to $20,000 per BTC. It’s increasing by several hundred dollars a day, to the point that, at the time of writing, it’s reaching $17,769 per BTC. In a bullish rally that seems to be nowhere near over.

This, of course, has spread optimism within the crypto community. With the main crypto influencers announcing new historical highs in the price of the cryptomoney. Predicting that, as high as the price of Bitcoin may seem at this point, there’s still room for the price of crypto to continue to rise in the months and years ahead. Changpeng Zhao being part of this trend.
Investors may regret it according to Changpeng Zhao if they sell their Bitcoin now. Source: CoindeskInvestors may regret it according to Changpeng Zhao if they sell their Bitcoins now.

So, for the CEO and founder of Binance, it would be a complete mistake for an investor to sell his Bitcoins right now, in an attempt to capture his profits before the market collapses once again. For Changpeng Zhao, despite the temporary corrections that the crypto currency may experience, it will continue to grow. Therefore, anyone who sells their BTCs at this time could end up regretting it.

„Soon you might have to slap yourself for ever selling your #Bitcoins.

With this message, Changpeng Zhao suggests that Bitcoin investors might make the same mistake as those who sold Bitcoin before this bullish rally. Those who can’t enjoy the new bullish rally now, just as they might not enjoy the future exponential growth in the price of BTC.